Fit 4 Life

Adult Training Times

Tuesday: 7pm - 8pm       Thursday: 7pm - 8pm

The club has a large, friendly Fit4Life group, catering for everyone from beginners/walkers
through to joggers and runners of all ages. We encourage everyone to train to the best of
their ability, whatever that might be. Some members used to run years ago or in school, and
find Fit4Life a great way to get back into it again in a non-pressured environment. Many
more are completely new to running and everyone fits in happily with us. Our members get a
lot out of Fit4Life. There are the obvious health benefits. But what they also get is a huge
sense of achievement, and a sense of belonging with like-minded people who want to get
out there and feel good about themselves through physical exercise.
Fit4Life meet on Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00pm to 8:00pm. Fit4 Life Leaders will
encourage and advise you.

The club runs a number of programmes (Couch to 5km and Track to 5km) which run
throughout the year. These programmes are ideal for a complete beginner.
Participating in races and fun-runs, from 5k to much longer is regularly organised by
members. In 2016, 42 club members (including beginners) undertook a 16 week training
programme for its members, which provided a coached and tailored training scheduled in
preparation for the Dublin City Marathon. All members successfully completed the marathon
and following the success and uptake of this programme our aim is to continue to grow and
build more tailored training programmes based on members goals for 2017.
The Fit4Life group at Ballina AC is now in its 9th year and is proving very popular in the local
and wider community. Membership has been growing fast, and the group now includes a
good number of both men and women. Come down any evening and check us out!

Feel free to come along to training to check it out and then join up if you think you’ll come